Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I wanna start from before the beginning


Another one of Nadler's Perfectly Useless Machines


Debra Kay said...

So true...how many millions are spent on such devices? Sad, we really want to believe, don't we?

Ellis Nadler said...

It does do something actually....it drives traffic to my blog

Rrramone said...

Does anything, really? ;-)

Here's to a great 08.

Anonymous said...

does it matter if it works?

Anonymous said...

only you can make things work (with a little bit of help from masie!)
here's to a new flat, a little doggie and a new path!

Prozacville said...

Grrrrreat. So now I've got my mother commenting ANONYMOUSLY on my blog, only it's clearly NOT anonymous cos she sort of gives the game away with lexical specificity of her comments and tone.

Nadler, the more eyeballs I herd to your blog, the happier I am. Anything for the guru.