Monday, 8 December 2008

Supermassive black hole


Inspired by this


ElizT said...

Try to think of it as that 'black pearl'.

Fern said...


Debra Kay said...

I've always thought of calling someone a BLACKHOLE really fast and angry like....I wonder if they'd even notice I wasn't saying asshole. Does it matter? I guess not.

Just don't crawl up in your own blackhole and get lost.

Ooooh, my veriword is uracksto-that sounds like a good thing to shout at exit

URACKSTO!!!!!! poof =I'm gone

Anonymous said...

love the muse. firstly.

secondly. i don't get it.

i really do need that lobotomy.

Prozac said...

You're not meant to 'get it'.


ElizT said...

I like this one; the idea, the colours, the little connections.

Anonymous said...

hey, hey, woah there mr. p...

if i'm not supposed to get it and i didn't get then yay! yay!

i'm hungry.

and my word veri is moloo.

Prozac said...

I think you DID get it.

Just maybe not an conscious level.

(I often tell that to my students. I think it makes them, and me, feel better.)