Tuesday, 24 March 2009



Spontaneity in Prozacville!

This was thought/drawn/coloured/soundtracked in about half an hour in order to try out my new Lamy pen ordered from the fantastically fast and friendly folk at The Pen Company.


Lynn said...

As a therapist I found this to be VERY FUNNY!!!

Rita said...

Spontaneity is overrated.

Did you realize your "lounge chair" sort of looks like a casually rolled up condom? Weird, is it just me?

soulbrush said...

rita, i agree with you.

Anonymous said...

i have pen envy.

it IS a condom!

shredding guitar.

i'm going back to therapy. i miss it.

Ellis Nadler said...

welcome to the Lamy brigade. what took you so long?
PS just discovered The Glee Club's 1994 album "Mine"