Friday, 18 December 2009

I poured my heart out. I poured my heart out. It evaporated. See.

[Soundtrack - my kind of Christmas choral music]

This one's on pretty much constant rotation too at the moment, and equally apt for the above piece.


soulbrush said...

i'm still here.

ElizT said...

Great music.

Prozac said...

It is good, isn't it?

Much as I hate X-factor, I am somewhat in love with the a capella version of X that has just started running on NBC called 'The Sing-Off (Ben Folds is one of the judges).

I like the fact that in the a capella world, you clearly don't have to be stick-thin, made-for-tv-bootiful and/or an idiot to totally ROCK THE CASBAH.

It's pure cheese, but horribly, brilliantly addictive cheese.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I am printing this out and hanging it up for my collegues. Thanks for the Xmas gift to our office, Prozac!