Friday, 30 May 2008

Real emotional trash


OK, Malkmus-solo will never be as good as he used to be in a band, but some of the tracks on the new album hit the spot. Cold Son has a chorus good enough to inspire a drawing or two, and Out of Reaches grabs at my heartstrings every time I listen to it.

For some reason, whilst drawing this, I felt I needed a Joshua tree in the frame. Only after finishing the piece did I have a wee look at the mythology surrounding Yucca brevifolia and it turns out to be remarkably apt. Almost makes one want to become a Jungian. Almost.


Luiza said...

Heh heh, awesome! (said in an American accent.) I like the little guy second from left - I've had that idea drummed into me from birth. Have a nice weekend Mr Prozac.

Fern said...

I believe you are a disguise, of course.

Ellis Nadler said...

Before going all Jungian on us, please recall the words of Francis Bacon in Novum Organum:
"The human understanding supposes a greater degree of order and equality in things than it really finds; and although many things in nature be sui generis and most irregular, will yet invest parallels and conjugates and relatives where no such thing is."