Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I'm glad that I'm so lucky to make you feel yucky everyday


Answers: 1) Surprise
2) Despair
3) Shame
4) Joy


Fern said...

ah this was much easier to score..that aspergers link just about killed me

Anonymous said...

i couldn't even figure out if i was doing the asperger's thing correctly... i mean, ones and zeros? could that be real?

so fuck tests. i'm just glad that yes, my hair is fabulous. and you know how i feel about the music.


(an aside, my word veri is pingle. pingle! a happy fucking word, innit

soulbrush said...

i adore this post and i adore you!!!!

word verification: bytob

Debra Kay said...


Curious Art said...

{Open mouth, raised eyebrows}