Monday, 12 January 2009

I'm doing very well. I can block out the present and the past now.


Prozac is listening to my current three favourite tracks off the new Morrissey album Years of Refusal:

-All You Need Is Me: egomania, self-pity, recrimination, rejection, disappointment, death + tambourines!
-When I Last Spoke to Carol: self-pity, recrimination, disappointment, dejection, suicide + Mexican trumpets and guitars!
-Sorry Doesn't Help Me: self-pity, recrimination, rejection, dejection, despair + patricidal fury!

(click on track titles to listen)


ElizT said...

Do you really want your teen years back?
Seventh Sealion.

Ellis Nadler said...

do you work for morrissey's publicity machine?

baggelboy said...

Could be worse.

Fern said...

love that face-to-the-frame sharing's almost as intimate as a pill cartoon on a monitor screen can be.

and those spritely seven dancers on the omen?

Anonymous said...

those dancers... is the one on the far left vomiting into a bag?

Renee said...

Love it, hillarious. I especially love the title.


Debra Kay said...

Oblivion via a headset. I love it.

soulbrush said...

yes, he is vomiting into a's a scene from 'fiddler on the roof'.