Sunday, 18 January 2009

There's nobody out there, it's just the noise of the wind


For more on Jules's phantom pregnancy.


Jeannette said...

My bunny had a phantom pregnancy. She pulled out big chunks of her fur.

Everything is related to my bunny now.

Rita said...

Maybe your bunny didn't have a phantom pregnancy...maybe she ate them when you weren't looking. They do that sometimes.

Fern said...

its the ghosts in the sheet that's haunting me at the moment...on my third listen....with headphones this time (someone here has Bob Marley turned up loud crooning, 'I shot the sherriff...')

perhaps there's a connection.
perhaps I could create one.

the therapist said...

A pregnant woman is, after all, the most desirable thing on earth. I can only wonder why there are not more phantom pregnancies.


soulbrush said...

two little squiggles on the forehead makes a worried expression, incredible.

Debra Kay said...

Maybe Jules at her baby too, or served it to guests at a holiday dinner.