Friday, 13 February 2009

En el día de tu cumpleaños, desearte lo mejor quisiera

[Soundtrack/Download - OK, it's shmaltzy 80s s
alsa romántica, but still, in my opinion, the best reworking of Happy Birthday on this planet; never failing to squeeze a tear or two out of my shmaltzy, 80s-afflicted eyes]

This one's for Lindsey, who's in hospital on her birthday. Thinking of you, Linds.


Anonymous said...

aw. singing pills, no matter how they sound, make a marvelous birthday treat.

i hope lindsey is feeling better x

soulbrush said...

get well lindsay, and save us a piece of boifday cake.

Fern said...

it is a difficult tune to carry after all.

and Happy Birthday to Miss Linds.

ElizT said...

Nothing like some singing medication to make you aware that you are in hospital. Happy Outcomes.