Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bleeding love



Anonymous said...

my favorite part is the "shit" from the front row.

listen. the song has been overplayed. it needed to happen sooner rather than later.

no shit? my word veri is dieso.

dies o

soulbrush said...

my favourite is the bang, and not too soon either!
i also like the way frute says she likes 'shit' and then says no shit? are you having a shitty day frute?
wordveri: cravenc
craven c (no shit)
will everyone please record their wordveri for this honour of frute's shitty day.
come on ellis and fern, you too.

Fern said...

no shit, fruter...I know. none.

it is:

I often thought an entire blog could be constructed using word verification motivation.

ElizT said...

Mr Nadler did at least one post like that.