Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Come, Armageddon! Come!


G.Lewis's analysis of a 1986 survey on psychiatric morbidity (panic attacks, phobias, depression) using a representative sample of 6, 437 people, found that 31 percent of them were fucked, as opposed to only 22 percent in 1977.

Add to this 31 percent other low-serotonin problems such as violence and aggression, and you're pretty much looking at half the population.


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Prozacville said...

Start praying for the mental health of your children Switch!

Anonymous said...

that's funny..start praying...good one.

what's done is done.

Prozacville said...

That was presumptuous of me to say 'start praying'. For all I know you're down on your fucking hands and knees wailing at the heavens on a daily basis. If I were a parent I probably would be.

Ellis Nadler said...

So that makes us normal, then