Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Today, these peaches have not reached the precise moment of ripeness


To see the original TV ad, click here.


Ellis Nadler said...

I need to see a Jolly Green Giant Pill

Ellis Nadler said...

And where's my prize for being 1000?

Prozacville said...

Well, I'm fed up with giving blowjobs, so it'll have to be a work of art.

Or even one of my drawings.

Anonymous said...

Pills grow on trees?

Next thing, you'll be telling me that light bulbs do too.

Anonymous said...

wait wait... who came first, The Man From Del Monte or The Man From Glad?

Prozacville said...

You're showing your age there Switch.

Incredible how one can be 'dated' by the ads that had an impact on one as a child...

Forever Young said...

what about the man from u.n.c.l.e
the man in the moon
spiderman, batman, superman
the weather man
the inside man
the third man
the invisible man
the best man
the elephant man
and of course- the man for all seasons???

Prozacville said...

Yeah, what about them, Ma.

If you're suggesting I draw all those fuckers, you can go and whistle for 'em...

Forever Young said...

here's a drawing of the invisible man, i just drew it.

catnapping said...

What's in the bag, goose? Does anyone remember those commercials?

It was a cowboy...rugged, naturally, and he rides up on his horse, and asks a Pancho Villa kinda guy (who's eating potato chips) what his last name is...and I guess the guy must answer "goose," cuz the next thing the big tall cowboy asks, is, "What's in the bag, Goose?"

catnapping said...

I googled it!

While planning and thinking for this
essay, I recalled a television commercial
from the early 1960s when I lived in Cali­
fornia. It was a commercial for Mother­
goose Potato Chips and was quite funny-
although, today, it may be deemed
politically incorrect. It showed a very mas­
culine and handsome cowboy riding over
the western hills. He comes around a cor­
ner and is accosted by two Mexican bandi­
dos, replete with bullet-belts across their
chests and tall sombreros and drawn pis­
tols. They stop the handsome cowboy and
ask his name. He replies: "Mothergoose."

The two bandidos, understandably,
laugh hysterically, then focus upon the
cowboy's saddle-bags. One bandido asks
the tall cowboy, "What's in the bag,
Goose?" The cowboy opens up his sad­
dlebag, takes out a bag of Mothergoose
Potato Chips, tosses it to the bandidos
and says, "Mothergoose Potato Chips, if
you're man enough to eat them!" There­
upon, the cowboy rides off, leaving the
bandidos, as it were, "holding the bag."

Jeff said...

It was Granny Goose potato chips, and the guy was Phil Carey who just died a few days ago.


The other thing I remembered was that after the banditos sample the chips Carey has offered, the first remarks, "mmmmm, eeenteresting." The second one, "mmmmmm provocative."

Cracks me up just to think about it.

Michael said...

I recently posted the Granny Goose potato chips TV ad on YouTube.


or just search for What's in the Bag, Goose?