Saturday, 8 September 2007

A nothing we were, are, shall remain, flowering


"Since our genes were evolved primarily in societies which were much more collectivist than individualist....we evolved to create rankings and to obey them, and the modern Wannabe individualists who competes fiercely to rise up the rankings ahead of his or her 'natural' position is flouting instinct. Likewise, it is 'unnatural' for us to have so many intense attachments and loyalties beyond our ascribed tribal ones [like the blogosphere?] and to keep breaking them by achieving new ones."
(Oliver James, Britain on The Couch, p325)


Forever Young said...

what's with the hebrew nowadays? some lost link?

baggelboy said...

But I am an individual like every one else.

Prozacville said...

Um, it's not actually hebrew. And didn't you know, my Prozac-Nadler only speaks the semitic tongue. In this case, he's saying 'groovy', literally.

Ellis Nadler said...

you are my guru