Saturday, 20 October 2007

All creations, in order to thrill, must be able to exist in the radical absence of every empirically determined role


Nadler has been designing these Calvinoesque creations for years.
It's good to see he's now building them.
I believe he's going to take this one onto Dragon's Den.


Ellis Nadler said...

Since you told me of the tragic diaspora of your family, your mother's descent into madness and sudden death, your father's retreat into an icy passivity from which he explored the fjords of Northern Europe, and your brother's quest for justice as a political activist who travelled across the country sending random, disconnected postcards that acknowledge a disturbance with the world, I have been rather concerned for your sanity. That is why I built that structure featured in your drawing. It can cure you and make you happy, finally.

ElizT said...

Thank goodness for that.

Anonymous said...

When can I apply for my green card?