Saturday, 27 October 2007

XFMflower, 34, Medical/Dental, London, UK


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Catnapping said...

i think one should remove said killer heels before jumping up and down if one hopes to save her ankles!

i love dancing in my stocking feet. nylons are soooooo smooth on waxed dance floor. i get horny just thinkin' about it.

i remember as a kid, one of the houses we lived in had all hardwood floors. my mom used paste wax them, and then buff them to a hard gloss.

there's just about nuthin' that beats taking a running start at a long hallway of highly glossed hardwood...and sliding its entire lenght in clean socks.

if anything were to beat that, i'd hafta say...dancing in nylons on an ultra-smooth dance floor.

Prozacville said...

I am pleased that my humble post has stimulated such detailed, almost Proustian recollection catnapping.

It made me smile.

Which on a Saturday night at 10pm, tidying my spice rack, listening to radio 4, is a big thing.

Thank you.

Red said...

I love the honesty of this one. She simply states exactly what she loves best in life instead of trying to sound more intellectual or more interesting.

Debra Kay said...

My killer heals days are long gone-but I can still wield a wine glass and slide down the hall. But, for gliding, nothing beats being under water.