Monday, 12 November 2007

Comfortless unconfessed of them



Anonymous said...

make it two.


Debra Kay said...

Have you been listening to Jethro Tull again? Jesus probably had ulterior motives (saving the human race or at least getting a lot of attention)....or maybe he was just jealous that he didn't really have super powers. If things aren't the way you like, change them, or climb up on a cross.

Red said...

Sometimes its nice to know that millions of other people are depressed too.

Or even just one.


Ellis Nadler said...

I feel cross

Prozacville said...

I bet as a child you had a book called 1000 Crazy Puns, eh Ellis?

You probably also do crosswords. Deja-vu, I've already said this at some point haven't I?

Ms Kay, twas not a reference to Tull but Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Tut, tut.