Monday, 17 August 2009

I'm just a swine baby, all down the line daddy


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As you know, I've already done my doffing-of-cap to Michael Jackson on Prozacville, but the Bustler 'Live Forever' Michael Jackson Monument competition intrigued me enough to draw another piece.
Here's the spiel:
"The Michael Jackson Fun ™ resort is set to be completed by 2012. One of the largest holiday resorts of its kind, it is to be built in Indiana. Not Indiana, USA, but the man-made Island of Indiana in Dubai, part of The World Island project.
Absolutely all energy needed to run the Fun Resort will be provided by a new (patented) system which allows the extraction of conventional electricity from the physical and psychological suffering of infants (housed beneath the complex in order not to detract from the enjoyment of holiday-makers).
We at Prozacville believe that this solution is in keeping with the unique sublimation employed by Jackson's own wounded inner-child in order to facilitate and generate his art."

UPDATE: My entry is currently scoring quite high on the public feel-the-love-o-meter. Forty-eight hours left to get those votes in.


Debra Kay said...

Must art always involve suffering? I don't even mean that in the universal sense-I mean must MY art always involve my suffering?

Some people turn suffering into art. I was going to speculate that perhaps the joyous artists are the dancers and musicians, but that is clearly not true.

I fucking HATE Mondays.

Prozac said...

Have you ever seen a ballet dancer's toes? They're about as joyous as veal.

The Brother said...

Put my name down for Fun island. Is there a long waiting list?

ElizT said...

Give me Elvis, any day.

rita said...

The suffering artist... Give me a break! Michael Jackson was a wuss when it came to his personal life.

Prozac said...

Wuss or not, he wasn't really dealt the greatest of hands by Papa Joe, was he?

soulbrush said...

roflol, not this post, those toes.

Superego Eddie said...

Michael Jackson made children as young as three years old suck his toes (for jellytots).