Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I used to be a terror but now I am a tired man


Frute tells me that America doesn't have Jelly Tots.

And you call yourself a 'First World' nation?!


ElizT said...

Here, we have Jelly Babies but I prefer the snakes and worms.

Prozac said...

Jelly babies are NOT jelly tots, ElizT, as I think the SS-factor (shape, sugar, likelihood to be eaten by Nazis) shows.

soulbrush said...

aren't they called 'jelliebellies'in some countries...you used to love thos things, couldn't get enough.

ElizT said...

Oh, right. No cannibal factor. Boring.

Anonymous said...

jelly beans. we call them jelly beans but there is a brand name, jellybellies, i think. here. in america. i think.

i prefer swedish fish or gummie bears myself. or chocolate. with peanut butter. yum.

Prozac said...

These are jellybeans, these are jellybabies, and THESE are jelly tots.

As you can see, all quite distinct from each other.

Can SOMEONE get with the FRICKEN PROGRAMME, please.

(Thank you.)

Superego Eddie said...

Jellytots are shit.