Sunday, 13 September 2009

Quant à moi, ca ne va plus très bien


A piece I did for the WHO's World Suicide Prevention Day.

A pity they couldn't prevent this kid from taking his life recently.


Fern said...

wow. yonlu. thank you.

blissful chick said...

who the hell is this vinnie van g????????

Superego Eddie said...


Survival of the fittest, I say.

Or in my case: fattest.

Prozac said...

The only Vinnie Van G I know is this guy. I thought he was quite well-known by you arty-farty types, Blissful.

blissful chick said...


wow. i told you i was bad with letter thingees of all sorts.

ok so might you please revise this drawing to depict prozac with a knife to his ear and a (was it a gun?) a gun in his free hand?

wait. that's just crazy talk.


Prozac said...

What Prozacville needs is MORE crazy-talk in the comments section.



The Brother said...

What's with the brick and murky Thames combo? A blaze of glory with a bomb on the London Eye... that's the way to go

Prozac said...

I may be a misanthrope and a xenophobe, but I'm not THAT much of a misanthropic xenophobe...