Saturday, 22 December 2007

Golden lights displaying your name


Today is Switchsky's birthday. Happy birthday Switch.

(The great thing about blogger is that you can backdate stuff so that belated birthday wishes almost seem like they were there at the right time in the right place from the start.)


Debra Kay said...

Happy Birthday again Switch! Loom is a funny word, I quite like it-I keep thinking of "Big, Looming Bloomers...."

Anonymous said...

Ignoring that that big booming blooming looming one who speaks in dashing balloons. Pshaw!

I hadn't really thought about #50..yet. Thanks for rubbing it in..I mean thanks for the birthday wishes. I am honored. Truly.

Prozacville said...

You're 47 and haven't thought about 50. That'd be like me turning 37 (in a matter of months) and not thinking about...THE BIG FOUR OH.

A point I think I make quite succinctly in aforesaid drawing. Innit.

Just wish I could've been there for the chocolate cake. Haven't had chocolate cake for yonks. Might have to make it a Christmas thing this year....