Friday, 21 December 2007

'Ere long done do does did


That last line in the final panel rings a little false. Truth be told, I'm gutted. But I'm working towards feeling it's the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be encouraging and say,
"Yes! Be free! Live by your library card alone!"

But I'm afraid you could not trust me on that one. I have no experience in such things. I've trundled boxes and boxes of books along with me for years. Magic Mountain is still buried amidst the John Barths and Pema Chödröns waiting for me all loyal-like and patient.

Catnapping said...

wow. i can actually say, "i know how you feel." i had to give up hundreds and hundreds of books when i took ill, cuz we just didn't have any place to keep them in our smaller place. (without my income, we couldn't afford a larger home anymore.)...and then when Tom died...I still kept a few hundred, but then gave most away when I tried to live with my dad...then when I fleed his home, and returned to missoula...i gave the rest up...except for about 6 that's all i left now.

it's still very difficult not having the words around...even though my comprehension level has plummeted...ti was comforting to have all that "knowledge" around me. most of my books were non-fiction...philosophy, sociology, medicine, nursing, spritituality, history....all gone.

i miss the smell...and the particular way books absorb and shimmer sound.

Debra Kay said...

I try to give my books away if I know someone who would enjoy them. It's fun to trade with friends.

Maybe I will make it a goal to go GET a library card next year, borrow more and buy less.

You inspired me you little twit.

ElizT said...

I love the library and that card lives in first position in my wallet. When desperate for something just published I buy books, but try to give them away afterwards. There is no substitute for a good library, particularly with on line catalogue and ordering.

Prozacville said...

What are the chances of you picking up Magic Mountain for a Christmas read, Switch?

I'm interested to know the the six books you've hung onto Cat.

This is the first time I've heard 'you little twit' used as a form of endearment, Debs.

Anonymous said...

It's a great question:

If you could only own six books what would they be?

I cannot answer, but I like the queestion.

Magic Mountain? Maybe. I know exactly where it is buried.

Prozacville said...

For me they'd always be changing (which is why the library works well for my scattershot-interests).

scott said...

I had to get rid of them all to move to the other side of the world.
I kept "studies and sketches of a bird painter" and "the bird paintings", both by Raymond Harris Ching. You never really recover.
I have never bought a book since.

Forever Young said...

i've been there right beside you every time you've had to give away your 'best friends'. so sorry

Mim said...

When we moved out of our rackety antique house we built a library in the new house. All the books are in there, and I know exactly where each one is. That said, I still give away a ton of books cause I still buy them. I don't know what I would do if I had to pare down to 6 - like CatN. Reference books, religious book, history galore, porn, bodice clutchers, art,my original Flemings, safe books, scary books, dog books..on and on.
I'm sorry you're having to give away books.

ksklein said...

when we moved to munich, we didn´t find any big place to live so we first took a tiny 2-room appartment. during that time everybody had to look through his books. the good ones were stored at my mom´s place and the others were given away. the next place wasn´t any bigger.
now for the first time in 5 years, i´ve got my bookshelf back and it feels like a big treasure for me having the books around me. but i´ve still got about 8 huge stacks of books piled on the floor. the shelf is full.
anyway: books are like little precious treasures to me and i can only let go of those i have read and not liked.

Jeannette said...

send me some.