Saturday, 15 December 2007

Who is God?


Incredible to think that this is still one of the biggest questions out there.

Especially as it is so clearly and incontrovertibly answered by those models of pedagogic objectivity: Thanks guys!


Debra Kay said...

They can't even agree on the topic of God on the national Geographic Channel. If Nat Geo don't know, does anyone?

My favorite documentary this week was about Jeruselum and the various temples etc. One is divided up between three religious sects-down to who sweeps the floor on what day.

Any God I believe in would laugh his or her ass off at that one, in a kind and forgiving way to be sure.

Still, I see the humanity it the rules, etc. My Mom thinks the housework MUST be done on Monday, and beans served, because that is the way SHE DOES IT.

I bet God laughs an awful lot.

Anonymous said... makes me feel a bit queezy.

prozacville.blogspot makes me think and smile/snort.

but I'd throw a dose of Breszny into the mix.

Chapter 153, Verses 11–16:
How to Know God, by Rob Brezsny
Below you'll find three messages. One is an authentic communiqué from the Divine Wow, which I channeled while in ecstatic trance. The other two are fakes that I made up.

Message #1: "I, the Supreme Designer of Heaven and Earth,am totally pissed off at your lazy sins and lack of faith. Cut the crap and shape up.

"Message #2: "I, untouchable and unknowable CEO of the Universe, couldn't care less what you do. Don't bother me.

"Message #3: "I, the Universal Jokester who runs all of creation on the fuel of my sublime pleasure, am well-entertained by the stories you've been living. Thanks! I can't wait to see what you do next."

Mim said...

God the devine blogger.

Can't say more!

Mim said...

and another thing - who the hell do they ( think they are to assume god is a he! Does "he" have a penis? It that what makes him a "man"
Baloney - I say.