Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Compare the best of their days with the worst of your days, you won't win.


This was inspired by a post on Jeannette's blog.
There was an interesting discussion about suicide on the Moral Maze this week.
But before you throw yourself out of your goldfish bowl, listen to this.


Jeannette said...


Pets can be so depressing. I think tomorrow Ill take Yu for a swim in the tub.

Fern said...

I had a goldfish once. A black one with bulbous eyes.

I could cry right now thinking of him swimming around and around in that bowl. I was so happy when he died.

Forever Young said...

horrified should be society's reaction.

Debra Kay said...

You all assume the goldfish lept because he was unhappy-maybe he was just curious, and lept too far. Maybe he had some big transcending epiphany experience right as he died. Like "oh shit I was better off in the bowl wasn't I?" Maybe the other fish watched and learned.

Prozacville said...


You know, sometimes your wise saws grate against my itchy cynicism Debs, but I'm starting to very much like the sane sensibleness you bring to the comments page.

I sense that your sense comes from the acidulated well of not feeling always particularly sensible and sometimes even incensed.

Which makes sense.

I hope to always find you on here.