Thursday, 7 February 2008

The organism wishes to die, but only in its own fashion.


Virgins/raisins (click to read)


Debra Kay said...

Sigmund was such a cheery boy wasn't he? Maybe the organism is just afraid to live in its own fashion. Being afraid to live isn't the same as death, but I suppose it might lead to death.

Consider the term "die from embarrassment"...if you really DID die, you wouldn't have any further problems, would you?

Death is just once of those fascinating things, because those who have experienced it aren't telling...what jerks!

Fern said...

drive. . .desire. . . death

whichever comes first, or maybe the order doesn't matter

Rrramone said...

Raisins? That is hilarious. ;-)

Debra Kay said...

Uhhhhh, is that it? I hope not.

Prozacville said...

No, that's not it, Debs.

Prozacville feels like a long-term project. I'm in for the long haul (said the five-year-old to the grim reaper).

Just been moving flat recently and unable to get to a scanner. Innit.