Sunday, 24 February 2008

Reasons to be cheerful

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It's Richard's 40th today.

I wanted to come up with an equal number of reasons to be cheerful. But faltered after the first five.


Jeannette said...

Makes me want a kettle chip.

He's got some nice hair.

Fern said...

I agree..nice hair, Richard.

Happy Birthdaya.

Forever Young said...

one for every second year of his life seems pretty fair to me. he's still a baby!

Anonymous said...

Lump in throat which I've had for most of the day became impossible to ignore when I saw this. Now have pain in heart. But a good kind of heartache. Tears no doubt some time later today. More layers added to life today. Memorable. heart is full. I am so drunk. Heart full of everything. Jeanette, Fern and Forever Young: I salute you. To Steve: Like old Witters says, words just don't cut it bruv.
Tears are key - it's a breeze.

Debra Kay said...

I don't know who the hell Richard is, but Happy 40th Birthday. Mine was a bit of a disappointment-I really thought I'd wake up wiser, but I was just older. I'm glad you can still get it up though.

ElizT said...

Richard must be sweet if he can move you to such good cheer.

Ellis Nadler said...

21.Ellis Nadler's Sketchbook

Prozacville said...

22. Ellis Nadler's ego.

It's important to have one. I'm learning this from reading Freud.