Saturday, 10 October 2009

And even the nights, they could get better


For what it's worth: happy World Mental Health Day.


ElizT said...

Can't wait for ever, when will it be Notice Old Ladies Day? [you know; wrinklies,oldies,grannies,old bats, silly old cows et al].

blissful chick said...

actually, my children do.

ok well only when i'm the one stigmatizing, but still. a start, non?

rita said...

According to the link...154 million people globally suffer from depression

With a billion people in Africa & a billion people in China, the figure has got to be higher then that.

Fern said...

Notice Old Ladies Day..yea.

Prozac said...

Yes, Rita. But not having to get needlessly anxious about not owning iPhones, I think you'll find that people in Africa and China have lower rates of depression.