Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hello innocence. Though it seems like we've been friends for years, I'm finishing


Last weekend's Women in Comics Conference was ace.

Sarah McIntyre has done a good linky-round-up of the event on her LiveJournal blog. As has Jennie Gyllblad.


soulbrush said...

gonweevil and corpse college looks like a dour version of thomas the tank engine.

Sooz Incognito said...

Hadn't caught that, but soulbrush is right about the Thomas the Tank Engine face.

By the way, that wine glass has--arms? Hands? Am I reading too much into this? Freaking me out a little, lol.

Prozac said...

Those ain't no arms. Them be a Buffet Maid Party Clip, Sooz.

Sooz Incognito said...

I guess I haven't been to enough upscale cocktail parties lately, lol! Hmm. I need to get me some of those for my next soiree (;

Sooz Incognito said...

I don't know why my gravatar doesn't show up here. Is it because it's Blogger rather than Wordpress? I'm kind of techno-challenged.