Sunday, 18 October 2009

Vulnerable around me


To be precise: I'm reading (for the second time) Gavin Hopps's magisterial study of Morrissey, The Pageant of His Bleeding Heart, whilst declaring my dependence.


blissful chick said...

i know those pills! hi! hi!

i never tire of viewing your turds.

Ellis Nadler said...

please feature her photos in the next instalment

Sooz said...

I almost want to see some little flies flitting about, though that would probably be too cliche. (:

Rose C'est La Vie said...

existential ignominy is the best euphemism yet. love your strip, erm. Nice to see you Monday night.
If this is therapy, I'll have some.

Prozac said...

I'm very proud of that one, yes.

Almost five-hundred of these little therapy-sessions on here Rosie, you're welcome to all of 'em.

Gavin Hopps said...

Dear Steve (if I may),

Thank you for your extremely generous message - and the amusing cartoon (it is indeed the first time I have been honoured in this way!). Your appreciation - and the kindness of its communication - means a great deal to me.

I'm sorry about the lack of an index - I had always envisaged including one - and hope to do so if there's a reprinting - though for purely practical reasons (to do with the word limit and the publisher's deadline) it was left undone. The last one I did left its scars on my cells and felt like a nightmarish attempt to do an enormous crossword puzzle in reverse!

There will be a formal launch - with Morrissey cup cakes, wine and a tribute band (The Smiths Indeed) - in Manchester next month (Saturday 7th at 4 pm in the University branch of Blackwell's), though nothing of that kind is planned for London, I'm afraid.

(I'll be giving a talk on Morrissey and humour at King's earlier that day - if I can manage the logistics! - though I don't suppose I'll say very much that's not in the book.)

Thank you once again for writing.

Jeannette said...

That is very Japanese maki unchi.