Saturday, 24 October 2009

I hope you profited from this bulletin and it stabilized your land




soulbrush said...

that is exactly what i would like to do...grrrrr&^*&^*(()*(&*()*

Anonymous said...


blissful chick said...

you mean, that's not socially acceptable where you come from?


Ellis Nadler said...

Did he press 5? It's not clear. Is that Noo as in Moo?

Prozac said...

I really wanted him to be screaming 'FUUUUUCK ORRRRRRRF', but as this was one of my suggestions for a magazine commission (on debt), I thought I'd better go for the tamer, but less satisfying option.

You'll have to buy the winter issue of 'One In Four' to see the other piece.

Spartans_mummy said...

I have just landed on your blog via Stumble and can't believe that I have never seen it before!
I have been working my way back through the months!

It's 2am here and I can't stop reading!


Prozac said...

Thanks SM.

And hooray for Stumbling. Got 20,000 hits to Prozacville yesterday. Doesn't make me feel less lonely, but certainly satisfies something in the realm of the ego.