Sunday, 15 July 2007

She could have been a poet or she could have been a fool


Prozacville said...

If someone doesn't say something on this post, Seroxat-Mandsky is going to jump in the Thames.

She has threatened.

I don't believe her, but she has threatened.

Prozacville said...

Of course now that I've commented, she might not do it.

But these comments don't count.

I'm sure she'd agree.

So she might still do it. Top herself, that is.

Don't let her water-logged seroxat corpse be a burden on your conscience forever.

Just say she looks really sweet sitting on the loo or something.


Anonymous said...

I think that dog is Mother Teresa incarnate.

The Whole Megillah said...

Sure. But then some loser would come along behind you and plastic bag it up -- how embarrassing is that? Do the cat thing and cover your own poop, that's what I say.

Prozacville said...

Um, no TWM, this wouldn't happen. Cos you'd just have a dump in your own garden.

Thank you please.