Thursday, 5 July 2007

"Oh ! would you like to marry me? And if you like, you can buy the ring!"


Anonymous said...

Yep...and doing my best not to step in it. Deep shit.

Prozacville said...

Sometimes stepping in the shit is the right thing to do. You can curse and howl and think of ways of getting it off your shoes.

If this scanned better, it would almost be a poem.

Which reminds me of this wonderful little piece by Bataille:

"Laugh and laugh
at the sun
at the nettles
at the stones
at the ducks

at the rain
at the pee-pee of the pope
at mummy
at a coffin full of shit."

Anonymous said...

great poem...
good advice.

Jeannette said...

These are so funny. Who would of thought you could be funny? Well done.

Bro said...

He certainly didn't get his funny bone from me. I'm a miserable c*nt.

Prozacville said...

A miserable cant.

Surely that would be 'miserable cant', cant being uncountable.

I wonder where I got my nit-picking, anal streak from?