Friday, 27 June 2008

I've seen the future brother, it is murder



When Prozac heard via Zizek about the  Jewish S.H.I.T. List – a right-wing American list of 7,000 "Self-Hating and Israel-Threatening Jews, he got very excited.


Anonymous said...

i love the photo of the toilet on that site. i will lobby hard for you, you shit

Prozacville said...

Thanks, Arancia.

As you young (West-coast?) yanks might say, I'd just be 'so fucking STOKED' to see my name on that list.

Anonymous said...

i'm east coast and i'm old. but i would love to see you so fucking stoked.

oldish, really, not, you know OLD old

Debra Kay said...

People are shooting each other, babies are starving, and the Big Three Religions are arguing over a rock, who "owns" it and what really happened there thousands of years ago, as if "God" needs us all to get on the same page about that damn rock. This little kink in human nature is what allows religious leaders to control the masses with hearsay and interpretation of hearsay. Part of me believes that when the Sun goes supernova and engulfs the earth in a cosmic fart, the last voice we'll hear is someone shouting "NO, that is the one true rock......and it's OURS"

Sorry-I'm not Jewish so I have to pick on everyone equally, because Jews haven't cornered the market on absurdity.

Anonymous said...

prozac! i lost your email addy! so i will tell you here that i posted a little sumthin sumthin for you over on my blog. and it's not even done yet!

ps i think finding the shit in the can is slightly cooler than putting it there. it adds that tiny bit of distance between the act and the final product that is nothing short of suave

baggelboy said...

You are the best self hating Jew I've ever met.

In fact you are the King of the self hating Jews.

Prozacville said...

If I'm the King of the self-hating Jews, I guess that would make you the Queen, Dog.

Royal hugs.

Prozacville said...

Tonight the self-hating Jew is listening to the full Leonard Cohen oeuvre, after having watched a Vanessa Engle doc on BBC4 about 2nd/3rd generation Jews still carrying with them psychic trauma from their parents/grandparents' holocaust experience.

Mmm. Don't really to seem to be putting in the work I need to do to get on the S.H.I.T list....Will do some surfing on PLO-friendly websites now to make up for being so remiss.

Anonymous said...

that's the spirit!