Saturday, 28 June 2008

How do you do an impression of Nelson Mandela?

[Oxfam advert]

I've always held out against advertising on Prozacville, but as this was for such a good cause, and because The Great Man Himself is here in London at the moment being fĂȘted by a bunch of bands he's probably never heard of ("You a big Razorlight fan, Nels?"), I finally relented.


ElizT said...

So, you don't want to get to be 90 [or nice], Mr P?
Silly question.

Prozacville said...

Seeing as I envisage the later years of my life being filled with illness and profound loneliness, (as they are for almost everyone, apart from a lucky few), I guess the answer to that question is no.

Debra Kay said...

Nelson Mandella is a symbol-you could become a symbol as well, but it would more likely get you a circus sideshow gig than a queen's fete.

I personally would not (and am not worried about being invited to) ever dine with the queen on a formal occasion. The whole "stop eating when she does" thing I find very offensive.

Still, I pity her. She didn't make the rules and was probably raised in such a way that she'd never think to move beyond them.

Hell, I even feel pity (never thought I'd come to that) for Charles too-the whole world was yammering on about how he hurt Diana, but I think he was hurt too.

We all just do the best we can.

Prozacville said...

Absolutely Ms Kay.

You know what, if I ever do become a symbol (a pin-up for Fucked Up Depressives everywhere, i.e. everyone)and some television production company approaches me to host a syndicated talk show 'The Prozacville Show' with me interviewing self-hating celebrities (so that's all of them), with frequent music-spots reserved for Morrissey, I want you to be my Dr Phil.