Thursday, 3 July 2008

"Il Papa non mette Prada, ma Cristo"

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The direct, and in some way more evocative translation of Guido (aka 'The Geek) Romani's pronouncement to L'Osservatore Romano is: "The Pope doesn't wear Prada, but Christ'.

Most English newspapers fiddled around with the mordancy of this soundbite and came up with: "The Pope isn't dressed by Prada but by Christ".

Being the Italionophile that I am, I originally read the article in lingua originale (I subscribe to the above paper if you must know), and hence the inspiration for JR's Necrotic Jewellery. Though undoubtedly Bill Hicks must've been floating around in the back of my mind too.


Debra Kay said...

Doesn't that Pope/Bush photo just cry out for the caption "Gee Toto, we're not in Kansas any more?"

Ellis Nadler said...

Did you watch "The Jews" mini series on BBC4?

Anonymous said...

i have to say, i can't stop laughing at the image and concept of dead jews brand... you are wacky indeed!

Anonymous said...

and the photo of the pope and the dope... remember the show "the flying nun?"

Prozacville said...

Aha, of course, Debs. Didn't even put the two together. Wizard of Id, ja?

Nadster, I have been watching it.

Even as a self-dubbed S.H.I.T, I found Programme 2 particularly moving. Tears shed und all.

And I'm not usually a Big Holocauster. Hey, I see Holocaust the Musical has just opened on the West End, maybe I should go.