Sunday, 27 July 2008

What's wrong with the world, mama? People livin' like they ain't got no mamas



Anonymous said...

that would be rather instant karma, not sure i believe in that. hope you are on the mend x

ksklein said...

Hey Mr. P., Reading this cartoon and then hearing this song gives me a lump in my throat.
Boy, what a sh.... that they also took your cash and your notebook. Worst of all... the mugging. I guess I will never understand why people do this.

Prozac said...

I know why they do this Ms Klein. Because when I walk down the street I represent everything that these cunts despise: a middle-class, glasses-wearing, briefcase-carrying, book-reading, taxes-paying, wouldn't-say-boo-to-a-goose shmuck. They weren't attacking me, they were attacking us.

Jeannette said...

I'm glad the comments are back on!
Are you OK? Something like that can be really traumatic, making you really paranoid all the time.
But, then again, real problems make all the made-up-in-our-head ones go away for a sec.

Slipstream said...

Blah. My comment got deleted and it was rather long. As I don't particularly feel like typing it all out again, (or remembering) I'll just say that what happened to both your body and your notebook is utterly horrible.

In my opinion, stealing pride is one thing, but to steal art ('accidentally' or no) is quite another.