Sunday, 6 July 2008

We brought peace unto you, we brought peace unto you, we brought peace unto you, and you turned it into a fascist ideology

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This is becoming a bit of a 'down-on-religion' week in Prozacville, isn't it? But I didn't feel I could let this story pass without comment.


Ellis Nadler said...

The law is an arse.
Can't wait for this to open...

Anonymous said...

you must have jews to spare over there. round these parts, that kid would've been in like flint

Debra Kay said...

So, the citizen sued the church. Kind of defeats the purpose of seperating church and state, doesn't it?

I think the idea of certain practices and conventions and beliefs transmuting you into something you weren't before is odd. Maybe we should label converts and offspring like we do wild animals-by generation-F1, F2 with the convert being the F1, and so on. Then we can make rules that say and F2 that interbreeds with a "pure" in a successive lineage will have pure offspring in say, 5 generations. However, if the offspring breeds to another FX, the resultant offspring has to start counting again at the lowest number of either parent-hence an F2 and a F4 would produce and F3.

Then, the school could put an order of preference of hybrids based on generational classification.

Are you sure that isn't already in somebody's bible somewhere?

ElizT said...

I like Debra Kay's suggestion.

Prozacville said...

I'm not sure if we do have Jews to spare over here OF, maybe just 'good schools to spare.

The Faith School has become synonymous with giving the little darlings a greater opportunity NOT to get
knifed in the back
(literally) by their peers on the way home.

Also, and somewhat ironically considering its name, if you're racist, the Jews' Free School is probably the one (and maybe only) inner-city educational establishment where there ain't going to be a black kid in sight.

For some parents, that's worth getting the apple of yer eye to take his cock out in a court of law for.

Prozacville said...

Like the look of that film Nadler. Although ain't it just going to be Michael Moore Does Religion?


Luiza said...

Interesting story. I'd probably get into that school without a hitch, since my mother is a Jew...

Solly's has the best falafel in London.

Prozacville said...

Yes, the felafel is good. I'm talking about the restaurant though not the little side-place where you can get the felafels.

I remember one night out with Kosher Unc where myself, bro and sister-in-law ate some dry rag of a steak floating in a pool of oil, a few limp lettuce leaves drowned in salad dressing, got barked at by Israeli waiters and walked away without much change from two hundred quid.

I have never understood kosher meat, and never will. It tastes crap and costs three times more than good organic fare from non-kosher butchers.

Is a blessing uttered by a doddery rabbi over the cutting utensils REALLY worth it? All that shechita stuff about 'the animal dies without pain' is just bollocks. No animal dies without pain, including us. And don't all animals get examined nowadays for illness unsanitary abnormalities?

Biggest con since coca-cola I say.

Luiza said...

Ah, I've never eaten in the restarant... And I can't remember the last time I ate kosher meat. Bad Jew! Bad Jew!

It totally mystifies me, the way certain religions make a fuss over food. I mean, really, what is it about shell fish? Would God really care? (Or should that be G-d?) Would he really create an animal as delicious as the lobster, were it not meant for human consumption? I think not.