Saturday, 5 July 2008

Written: His Eminence. Spoken: Your Eminence. Informal: Cardinal. Very Informal: Big Fat Sour-Breathed Nonce.

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Anonymous said...

hey that blog post is only 3 years old. clearly the interest is there.

um, who exactly is he sitting on?

Anonymous said...

whom? shit i suck at grammar

baggelboy said...

I don't see what all the fuss is. If you sell your children into a false belief that God actualy exists and they belive it. Then arent they to blame when religion fucks them up the arse?

The Methodists have a method.
The Evangelicals have zeal.
And the Catholics have a god given right.

Sorry. Jesus told me to write this.

God bless my sphincter.


GMH said...

Just... amazing.

Prozacville said...

Oh come on, Frute. You know exactly who(m) he's sitting on. It's good old Jesus, aka Any Jew Will Do, aka CHRIST! THE REDEEMER!

Anonymous said...

ok ok i thought so... just checking!

baggelboy cracks me up even though he wants you all to himself

Mim said...

I thought he was sitting on you.

Prozacville said...

He might well be, Mim. Remember the mantra: any Jew will do.

If the historical Jesus had died in childbirth, there would have been another messiah around to do what He needed to do.

Ellis Nadler said...

Have you read

Debra Kay said...

Uhhh, if the historical Jesus died in childbirth, wouldn't he be Mary?

Or is that gender centric of me? Maybe.

Wow, the whole born without aid of man thing could be very threatening-yet J rose to be the poster boy for male privilege. Talk about overcoming the odds.

Shit P, I think you're right, any Jew would have done.

Ellis Nadler said...

Prozacville said...

I haven't read Book of Dave. Ellis. Was a big Will Self fan, but felt that his last few books were getting a bit treadmilly and stopped reading. However, I might just return to that one.

I'd love to dress up as a Priest and hang out at the Vatican. I bet they serve really good coffee and cake to in their internal canteen.