Tuesday, 26 August 2008



Visited The Museum of Hopeless Expectations yesterday. This was my favourite exhibit.



Anonymous said...

evitisop kniht


Slipstream said...

if ever there was a museum created solely for the amusement of humans..

..I daresay this is it.

Fern said...

I think the green one is lime flavored.

but the black ones are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

so glad my crazy dreams gave you a mood change. i'm pretty sure that's what you meant and not nancy's funeral.

Debra Kay said...

But is it ART?

Fern said...

is it art?

I thought it was an ancient well-preserved, artifact.

Prozac said...

Happiness IS an art.

An art that I find increasingly eludes me.

Anonymous said...

art, mr p, rhymes with fart. if that clarifies things any.