Saturday, 2 August 2008

And I can't help but think, sitting in this tent, that I must above all things hate myself


All the recent chat about vaginas and other passageways has brought to mind a scene from this film; also a passage from a book I'm reading at the moment:

"For the Romans, a porta fenestella was a special opening that allowed Fortune to enter. The Greek poros, which is a passageway for ships but also any passageway, including one through the skin, that is a pore. Poroi are all the passages that allow fluids to flow in and out of the body. A pore, a portal, a doorway, a nick in time, a gap in the screen, a looseness in the weave - these are all opportunities in the ancient sense." (p46)


Anonymous said...

and the ass saw the angel.

Debra Kay said...

Interesting that you would depict the inner sanctum as an igloo....but I suppose you took some artistic liberty.

I remember a boozy conversation where some ladies hypothesized about what one man's sperm would say to another's if they met up in a vagina. Ok, it's only funny if you know the people involved....nevermind.

soulbrush said...

Ma mantra no: 1,234,567

"This too shall pass!"

Slipstream said...

As for Nick Cave.

"Stagger Lee" makes me feel like I'm sauntering and swaggering through a smoke-lit cowboy's gentlemen's club (is such a thing ever did exist) with a handful of very pissy, manly, macho men.

Prozac said...

I remember seeing Nick Cave at the Reading Music Festival in the early 90s (the same year Nirvana played their last date on British soul). He strode the stage like a demented Southern preacher, the rain tipped down from the sky, and I thought (maybe even said aloud a couple of thousand times) 'Fuck yeah!'

The man is God.

Prozac said...

Ha, Debs! Indeed.

Even more interesting is that on my initial sketch the last panel has Prozac saying: "She'd pass me the most delicious flapjacks through the kitchen window", but when I lettered the toon, I wrote bathroom window, 'by mistake'.

Flapjacks through a bathroom window. You don't need to be a psychoanalyst to read this as 'shit' (metaphorically speaking).

Is there such a thing as an orthographical Freudian slip?


ElizT said...

I don't know any answers but I did like Talk to Her.

Fern said...


"she came in through the bathroom window...
protected by a silver spoon." (?)

Prozac said...

No. No silver-spoonage protection here.

BTW, M&S ain't S&M backwards, but a chichi, ultra-expensive supermarket here in the U of K.

Need to earning at least 100k a year to shop there. J&J haunt its aisles.

Debra Kay said...

I didn't pick up on the bathroom window because I was, in fact, puzzling over the M & S, wondering if it were cryptic and if everyone but ME knew what it was.

Slipstream said...

I have to admit, I too, thought it was S & M backards, just didn't have the balls to say it, I guess, ha.

Anonymous said...

i caught the "bathroom window" and, like fern, thought beatles.

i also thought perhaps you have a pretty funky abode, like shaggalicious, mr p

the therapist said...

Oh very much such a thing as an orthgraphic freudian slip, as there is ortheopic, or plain oral, lest we everforget.


concerned citizen said...

Well, I'm actually reading Philip Roth & I just want to be sarcastic, but how can i? I'm not fucking Jewish, ya know?
I don't have the right accent or history or anything. I don't have a frigging Jewish bone in my body. I'm not even chopped liver.
Life sucks!*

*Oh yeah, I can't even be handmaiden here. That really sucks.

Anonymous said...

ooo which philip roth???

Andreas Torverud said...


I would like to join!

Can pull some strings?

/ AT

handmaiden said...


"Goodbye Columbus & Five Short Stories"
In the first place, it is so 1940's & 50's, reading it is like stepping back in time. Reading it also makes one feel as if they are seeped in Jewishness. Very interesting to ponder, as I've never been seeped in Jewishness...For instance, If a person is Jewish, how could they ever escape it if they wanted to?
One of the stories titled, "The Conversion of the Jews" is very interesting. In it a precocious Jewish boy attempts to force his Mother, his Rabbi, his whole sphere of influence, to acknowledge that God is bigger then just the Jewish faith. The bone of contention in the story is that God could if he wanted to pop out a Messiah from a virgin.
Anyway, I'm enjoying the book. One more story left, titled, "Ell, The Fanatic" that should be good.

Hey I figured out how to be handmaiden. Elementary! smack myself in the forehead!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on being yourself again :) i've not yet read those stories. i seem to be going in a random and somewhat retarded path in my reading of roth. i'll get there eventually, however :)

handmaiden said...

Crap, it's "Eli, the Fanatic" not "Ell" that shows you what a tard I am. Well, I'm sure Roth evolved after his first book. & second book...