Monday, 4 August 2008



J&J are off to Turkey for the summer. Bon voyage, my friends.


Anonymous said...

um, isn't summer nearly over?

(that's just my jealousy talking)

Debra Kay said...

I cannot get beyond the off to... FOR THE SUMMER. Rampant jealousy consumes me. But hey, I just snacked on some smoked turkey-so there, I have something they don't. Fuckin Yay Me.

The Body without Organs said...

Just as heartbreaking as realizing that Grease has nothing to do with Greece.

Prozac said...

When I say 'for the summer', I guess I'm speaking metaphorically.

Apart from 'Exit Stage Right into mouth of Dragon', how else to 'retire' characters?

BWO, Greece IS actually all about Grease. At least it was when I went there with my walkman and C60 mixtape circa A-Long-Time-Ago.

Mim said...

I like the way he's shaking his little arms and hopping on one leg. Very joyful looking albeit misguided.