Monday, 1 September 2008

But you like it, because you feel special that way


Partially inspired by this.


Ellis Nadler said...

Well, I'm paying a local snoid to write my blog, so what's new?

Prozac said...

Well, I'm paying a four-eyes, balding, 37 year-old shmuckoid to live my life for me.

I pay him in angst, he seems to get off on it.

ElizT said...

Just what the world needs; apart from more aromatherapy.

Anonymous said...

i cannot stop laughing... jimbo... omg THANK YOU

Debra Kay said...

I've moo'd, mudded and mushed, but never have I mmog'd.

Fern said...

good god!

not in a capital G way, more in a generic this is so sad it makes me laugh way.

which I coming to realize is how I do my life.

sad/laugh/sad/'s not so bad, really.

no gagging necessary.